Free Mario Bango!

Urad Vlady
Namestie Slobody 813 70
Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Kancelaria Prezidenta
Stefanikova 14,
814 38 Bratislava
Slovak Republic


We demand that you free Mario Bango and stop your filthy anti-Roma campaign. Bango is a well-known anti-Nazi fighter and that is the reason why your judicial system has condemned him to death rather than launching a fight against racist killers. The Roma people have the right to armed self-defense against fascist attacks. Bango’s killing of a Nazi who was attempting to murder his brother was not only justified, it should be applauded as an act of vermin control in defense of all humanity. Your government, and the imperialist powers that stand behind you, are fundamentally responsible for permitting and encouraging such chauvinist acts.

Free Mario!

Willard Frost
for the League for the Revolutionary Party (LRP-U.S.)
and the
Communist Organization for the Fourth International (COFI)