League for the Revolutionary Party

May 1999

Hillary Is No Alternative to Giuliani –
Protest CCNY’s Honoring Hillary Clinton!

City College has announced that its commencement speaker this June will be Hillary Rodham Clinton. Ms. Clinton is not a ceremonial First Lady but a political campaigner for her husband’s policies and an unofficial candidate for the U.S. Senate. Her appearance will be popular with some because she is a potential roadblock to Mayor Giuliani’s ambitions for higher office and a vehicle for reviving the moribund Democratic Party in New York State.

Thus CCNY will be honoring a politician who shares responsibility for the crimes and betrayals of the Clinton Administration: murderous wars in Iraq and Kosovo, the demolishing of the Federal welfare program and other measures that have badly hurt millions of working-class people, and CUNY students in particular. In fact, many of the policies Giuliani is hated for were initiated nationally by President Clinton.

A year ago, Hillary Clinton denounced “a vast right-wing conspiracy” that was out to get her husband. But nothing the reactionary Republicans have done compares with the Clinton Democrats’ destruction of gains won in the past by the labor and civil rights movements. Bill Clinton’s principal historical role has been to consolidate the “Reagan revolution,” smoothing the rough edges of reaction with the aid of labor and Black leaders. The Democrats and Republicans have proved themselves to be two parties of war, racism and austerity for the masses.

Stand Up Against Budget-Cutting, Race-Baiting and War!

Turn Your Back on Hillary!