June 3, 1999

LRP Letter of Solidarity to the Committee to Defend José Solís

To: The Committee to Defend José Solís

We wish to join with all anti-imperialist fighters to demand the unconditional freedom of Dr. José Solís. The arrest and conviction of Dr. Solís represented only a thinly veiled frame-up. The evidence shows who is the true criminal in this matter. Solís’ “crimes” are his reputation as an outspoken Puerto Rican nationalist – and his highly honorable refusal to testify against another political activist, José Lopez. José Lopez, the director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center in Chicago, is also a leading figure in the fight to free political prisoners and the brother of prominent political prisoner Oscar Lopez. Had Solís agreed to testify against Lopez there is no doubt he would be a free man today.

But instead, for his purported activity related to a car bombing outside a recruiting station in Chicago in 1992, an event in which no one was hurt, Solís faces up to 30 years of incarceration.

This is the perfectly consistent logic of the U.S. government, the same government whose Navy recently dropped bombs in Vieques which did kill and injure civilians – and we are told it was an “accident.”

But it is hardly an accident that Vieques is the practice bombing site for U.S. imperialism’s war of agression around the world – including the criminal intervention in Serbia today. It is no accident that Chicago is the chosen site for an ongoing war against Puerto Rican activists. To the U.S. “democracy” it is perfectly fine that the masses of Puerto Rico become increasingly victimized by superexploitation and oppression while militant fighters against imperialism are locked up.

We believe that the working class in the United States must join with the working people of Puerto Rico to demand the freedom of all Puerto Rican political prisoners. As well, in our view, this is a vital part of the necessary struggle to overthrow the murderous beast which is U.S. imperialism once and for all.

Free José Solís! Free all Puerto Rican political prisoners! U.S. military out of Vieques! For the right of self-determination for Puerto Rico!

In Solidarity,

Chicago LRP

New York LRP