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Imperialist War Criminals Target Whistleblowers: Free Bradley Manning! Hands Off Julian Assange! – September 12, 2012

Democrats and Republicans Are on the Attack! Billions for Bankers, Cutbacks for Workers? HELL NO! – June 14, 2011

What’s Behind the CTU’s SB7 Debacle?, a statement by the League for the Revolutionary Party – May 21, 2011

The Fight Against Racist Police Terror, a bulletin of the League for the Revolutionary Party, distributed at a protest against police repression in New York City on February 23, 2013

Socialists Cover for Chicago Teachers’ Union Sellout, Democratic Politicians, a statement by the League for the Revolutionary Party – April 30, 2011

Marxist Analysis of the Capitalist Crisis: Bankrupt System Drives Toward Depression
(also includes “What Marx Really Said about Crises”)

All of our book The Life and Death of Stalinism:
Foreword (by Sy Landy)
Introduction: Theories of Stalinism
Chapter 1. The Contradictions of Capitalism
Chapter 2. The Revolutionary Epoch
Chapter 3 - The Transition to Socialism
Chapter 4 - The Stalinist Counterrevolution
Chapter 5 - Stalinist Capitalism
Chapter 6 - Stalinism and the Postwar World
Chapter 7 - The Degeneration of Trotskyism
Chapter 8 - The Breakdown of Stalinism

From our archives...

Religion, the Veil and the Workers’ Movement, a pamphlet from LRP/COFI – April 1992

Exchange on Trotskyism (with MRCI), an article from Proletarian Revolution No. 30 – Fall 1987

The Battle of Hormel: General Strike Against Concessions! Workers Need a New Fighting Leadership!, an article from Proletarian Revolution No. 26 (Summer 1986)

Communist Work in the Trade Unions (Exchange with the Austrian IKL), an article from Proletarian Revolution No. 25 (Winter 1986)

South Africa: Divestment vs. Revolution, an article from Proletarian Revolution No. 24 (Summer 1985)

Women’s Gains Face Capitalist Attacks, an article from Socialist Voice No. 18 (Winter 1983)

Iran, Poland: Pseudo-Trotskyists Embrace Counterrevolution, an article from Socialist Voice No. 15 (Winter 1982)

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