The LRP distributed the following to a SEIU Local 32BJ rally in New York City on December 12, 2007.

A Real Strike Motion

Fishman & Co. wants us to authorize them to call a strike if they feel like it. They have gotten such phony strike authorizations before they agreed to the last two sellout contracts without calling a strike. What we need is a motion that will force them to call a strike and keep it going until we win our basic demands. That’s why we urge all 32BJ members to support the following motion:

“That SEIU Local 32BJ demands a 2008-10 Contract with: a wage raise above the inflation rate; a job security agreement forbidding layoffs or workforce reductions; no reductions in health and pension benefits or increase in payments; the elimination of the 60% and 80% wage scale for new workers; and no givebacks or concessions of any kind. And

“That Local 32BJ will reject any contract proposal that does not satisfy all of these demands. If at contract expiration on December 31 these demands are not resolved we will strike until they have been won.”