Proletarian Revolution No. 69, Winter 2004

Proletarian Revolution No. 69 includes the following articles and editorials:

U.S. Out Now! Iraq Occupation in Disarray

This feature article provides a sharp, detailed assessment of the quagmire U.S. imperialism is sinking into in Iraq. The American government hoped to use the bloody campaign to cow the masses and to gain further advantages over its imperialist rivals -- with the flexing of its military muscle and the seizure of Iraqi oil. But the plans have badly faltered. There has been the relative success of guerilla military operations. But the more fundamental obstacle to the occupation is the growing anger and opposition among Iraqis, particularly the Shiite majority, which is a focus of our analysis.

LRP Challenged on Military Draft: The Leninist Position on Conscription

Revolutionary strategy toward the military is a vital question. As did Lenin, we stand for opposition to all forms of the bourgeois military and adhere to the Bolshevik understanding that the only answer to imperialist war is class war. In this context, we look at the Leninist approach more deeply and review the reasons behind his practical preference for the drafted army over the mercenary army. In agreement with this understanding, our view is contrasted with the positions of other left groups today.

Chicago: CTU Leadership Squelches Fight

This article tells the sorry story behind the sellout of a potentially militant struggle by the Chicago Teachers Union. Despite significant rank-and-file opposition, the leadership eventually pushed through a deal in line with increased austerity and the Chicago Public Schools' general racist and anti-working class policies. The events provide damning new evidence against the role played by groups like Solidarity and the International Socialist Organization. In contrast, the oppositional role played by the LRP is examined.

TWU Local 100 Elections Expose Union Reformists

PR assesses the politics of the recent election in the Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 100. We supported a candidate in the Track Division who fought for a series of practical militant demands and principled political positions, along with an open declaration for the need for revolutionary leadership. Similar to the CTU story cited above, the background to the elections was the role played by a left union reformer who had come to power with militant promises, only to betray the members. The LRP supporter in the union had waged a forthright struggle for a genuine contract victory.

Other articles in this issue include:

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