Back Issues

For the past few years, the LRP has been publishing bulletins in addition to individual leaflets and statements.

Most recent bulletin

LRP Bulletin Fall 2014 PDF
featuring the following articles:

The Green Campaign: a Diversion from Working-Class Struggle
The Greens, Capitalism and Imperialism
In Defense of the Hong Kong “Umbrella Movement”
Solidarity with the Ferguson Rebellion!
Racist Cops Must Not Get Away with Murder!

Prior bulletins

LRP Bulletin June 2014 (50¢)
featuring the following articles:

Between Imperialisms: Upheaval in Ukraine and the Left
Ukraine’s “Left Opposition”
Workers Power’s Fraudulent “Anti-Fascism”
Vote No! Stop Samuelsen’s Sellout Contract!
New York City Transit Workers, Teachers Dealt Sellout Contracts

LRP Bulletin May Day 2014 (50¢)
featuring the following articles:

Revolutionary Answer to the Anti-Immigrant Attacks
For Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants (REPLY TO IG)
Class struggle at CUNY

LRP Bulletin August 2013 (50¢)
featuring the following articles:

Gun Control, “Stand Your Ground” and Self-Defense: Justice for Trayvon Martin!
Trayvon Martin’s Murderer Goes Free
Senate Immigration “Reform” Bill Steps Up Repressive Measures
Government Spies Collect “Nearly Everything”: Big Brother USA

LRP Bulletin Summer 2013 ($1.00)
featuring the following articles:

Anti-Muslim Bigotry & the War on Civil Liberties: After the Boston Bombing
On the ISL’s Break with the LRP
U.S. Imperialism – Hands Off Korea!
Mass Murder of Bangladesh Workers
Bolivian Workers’ Struggle Exposes Morales Government

Issues of the LRP Bulletin, as well as other literature including back issues of Proletarian Revolution magazine, pamphlets, and print copies of other major LRP articles featured online are available by leaving a message at 212-330-9017.