Proletarian Revolution No. 70, Spring 2004

Proletarian Revolution No. 70 contains the following articles and editorials:

Democrats No Answer to Bush analyzes the latest round of American bourgeois elections. We look at the role of these elections in diverting anti-war sentiment away from action and toward electoralism in particular. We emphasize our opposition to the Democrats, in all their stripes, as offering no alternative to Bush on the occupation or anything else.

Two of our articles, U.S. Hands off Venezuela! and Workers Party Betrays Brazilian Workers, deal with the class struggle in Latin America. Both feature political leaders who have used their positions as mass leaders as instruments in maintaining capitalist rule. But, unlike Lula, Chavez has earned the ire of U.S, with a greater degree of independence and concessions to the masses. While offering no political support to Chavez, we stand in military defense of his current regime against intervention by the U. S.

Imperialist Devastation and Revolutionary Reconstruction is both an assessment of the recent period of the U.S. occupation of Iraq and an outline of a revolutionary socialist program. We discuss the necessity for a defeat of the occupation, and misleaders like Sistani who support the occupation with criticisms, by a revolutionary Iraqi working class.

Lessons of California Supermarket Strike assesses the recent strike in southern California as a painful lesson in the need for a revolutionary leadership in the unions and working class as a whole. This strike was a defeat that only the ranks’ determination to stay out had prevented from becoming an open disaster. The final contract terms reflected a sellout strategy pursued all along by the union bureaucrats.

In Imperialism's China Card, we analyze the development of China's present role as an essential bulwark of world imperialism's escalating attacks against the working class. While the Maoist revolution in 1949 never intended and never did create a workers' state, the devolution to an increasingly privatized capitalism in the past quarter century is a confirmation of our analysis of statified capitalism in general. But for the pseudo-Trotskyist theorists whom we examine, developments in China have thrown them into disarray and exposed their bankruptcy.

Other articles in this issue:

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