Proletarian Revolution No. 71, Summer 2004

Proletarian Revolution No. 71 contains the following articles and editorials:

Imperialism Unmasked by Iraq Debacle is an in-depth look at the profound consequences of the Iraqi struggle against U.S. imperialism. It is the latest in a series of articles in PR which have been unmatched by other left publications, in terms of both the details and insights we have offered our readers into the Iraqi political scene.

No Choice in 2004 Elections summarizes our attitude towards the Bush-Kerry contest, and is a companion piece to the other articles in the issue looking at foreign and domestic policy. Choosing the "lesser-evil" Democrat, always a dead-end strategy, has a particularly unsavory character this time around, given the strikingly similar character in the domestic and international strategies of both candidates. Both offer a program of continued occupation and misery in Iraq and the continuation of attacks on workers at home and abroad.

Gay Marriage Faces Bipartisan Opposition assesses the recent sanctioning of same-sex marriage by the state of Massachusetts, and the political forces arrayed in that legal battle. It details the opposition to gay marriage not only by the Republicans, but by most Democratic politicians as well, drawing out the lesson that campaigning for Democrats is a disastrous strategy for gay rights. While we consider the legalization of gay marriage as a victory in the field of democratic rights, gay liberation can only be secured by socialist revolution.

Dominican Crisis Demands Revolutionary Solution looks at the plight of the masses in the Dominican Republic in the wake of a crisis largely manufactured in the U.S. The Dominican working class has demonstrated its militancy and anger, including two general strikes in the recent times. But the lack of an authentic revolutionary leadership has prevented these struggles from assuming an effective form of political combat against Dominican capitalism and American imperialism.

Wal-Mart: Vanguard of Capitalism is the first of a two-part article on the world’s largest company -- and one of its most vicious. We analyze the rise of Wal-Mart in the context of the capitalist offensive of the past 30 years and argue against the notion that Wal-Mart is a “rogue” capitalist element. As a leading representative of the capitalists and its attacks on workers, its unionization is a necessity, demanding in turn a powerful strategy on the part of the labor movement.

Other articles include the following:

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