Proletarian Revolution No. 79, Winter 2007

Proletarian Revolution No. 79 features two major articles:

U.S. Rulers Switch Horses in Midterm. The Republican defeat in Fall 2006 was the first major leftward shift by the U.S. electorate since the 1960s. But the Democrats who benefited from the mass anger against the Iraq war and economic hardship will betray the hopes of the voters. This article also provides a political analysis of the rise of electoral populism among Democrats, and explains the significance of this trend for working class revolutionaries.

Mexico: Lessons of 2006. Mass struggles rocked Mexico throughout 2006. But restrained by the misleadership of the bourgeois populist López Obrador and the PRD, the struggles were then beaten back and repressed by the Fox/Calderón government. The article looks at examples of opportunism and sectarianism within the Mexican left, and discusses basic elements of Marxist strategy. Traducción en español

PR No. 79 also includes the following articles and editorials:

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