Proletarian Revolution No. 82, Winter 2010

PR 82 features the following articles:

Marxist Analysis of the Capitalist Crisis: Bankrupt System Drives Toward Depression PDF

This major article offers a comprehensive analysis of the crisis searing the world capitalist economic system and greatly deepening mass misery. As elaborated here, we see this crisis rooted in fundamental contradictions of the system, and in particular the decline in the rate of profit that typifies capitalism’s epoch of decay. Our outlook is counterposed to various mainstream views, as well as various left analyses.

What Marx Really Said about Crises PDF

This piece serves as an adjunct to the Marxist analysis of the capitalist crisis discussed above. It looks at the errors made by left groups who see the crisis in purely cyclical terms, or put forward a theory of “under consumptionism.” We look at the Spartacist League and the Committee for a Workers International as two examples. Wittingly or not, such conceptions have the effect of accepting the system and the bleak future it promises, whereas the LRP’s view offers a genuine understanding and indictment of the capitalist system at root.

Barack Obama: Wall Street’s Warrior

This lead article serves as a balance sheet for the Obama Presidency thus far. As we predicted, the need for the Obama government to carry out the interests of the capitalist class meant a betrayal of the hopes of workers and oppressed masses in the U.S. and abroad. As we detail, in both foreign and domestic policy, Obama represents a fundamental continuation of the policies and priorities of the hated Bush administration. This article represents a significant expansion and updating of the analysis that was posted on our website in December 2009.

Obama Backs Reaction in Honduras

This piece summarizes the right-wing coup against elected President Manuel Zelaya in the summer of last year, and the solidification of reaction in the period since. It lays out the central role played by the Obama administration in helping to provide both a fig leaf of democracy and a stamp of approval to the coup, and discusses the course of events as a dangerous precedent for stepped up repression of the masses in Central America.

PR No. 82 also includes the following important articles:

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