Racist, Anti-Worker New York Post Backs Toussaint’s Contract

If any Local 100 members needed more to convince them to reject the proposed contract, they’ve got it. The New York Post that attacked us with one racist, anti-worker front page after another during our strike, has come out strongly support of Toussaint’s contract. They complain about the in pension refund bribe, but in a January 3 Editorial they advise Pataki not to press the issue for fear it will risk the contract not passing. They write:

now’s not the time to lose sight of the groundbreaking nature of the contract itself: For the first time, transit workers will be paying for a portion of their health-care insurance, and ... the MTA will net millions of up-front dollars from the deal. Transit workers will kick in much more money for health coverage than they stand to get from pension rebates.

Indeed, the health-insurance payments will continue – and grow – over time, while the pension givebacks are a one-shot deal. ... Further, the health-care contributions are a benchmark concession that city and state labor negotiators can use in future deliberations with public-employee unions.

So the Post supports Toussaint’s contract for the same reasons RTW opposes it: the deal costs transit workers far more than we get, and sets up the rest of the working class for the same attacks. Vote down the sellout contract!