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Updated March 3, 2017

Solidarity with West Virginia’s Teachers from Socialist Transit Workers in New York City

The Dirty Truth Behind New York’s Transit Crisis

“Team Cuomo’s” Customer Service Ambassador Debacle

Letter to the New York Times – Stop the Lies about Subway Workers

Summer 2017, Conductor/Towers Department Special Election:
John Ferretti for Executive Board
Election campaign statements by Supporters of Revolutionary Transit Worker

RTW No. 64 Don’t be Fooled by Samuelsen’s Lies! Vote NO on this Wage-Cutting, Giveback Contract! January 30, 2017

RTW No. 63 Decades of Sellouts by Union Tops Helped Lead to Trump - Samuelsen’s Contract Strategy Is a Set-Up for Disaster! January 7, 2017

Announcement of Facebook Group by RTW and other TWU members:

Transit Workers Against Police Brutality

Stop the Racism! Stop the Attacks on Workers & the Poor! Stop the Fare Hikes Now!
Also included: Stop Samuelsen’s Dirty Deals with “Trump’s Partner-in-Crime” Cuomo!
December 5, 2016

RTW No. 62 Decades of Sellouts by Union Tops Helped Lead to Trump - Our Contract Struggle Can Win Gains and Help Build a United Fightback! November 15, 2016

Victory to the Striking Philadelphia Transit Workers!
November 2, 2016

Black Lives Matter! But Nothing Has Changed. Where is the Struggle Going?
July 25, 2016

The Scandal of Union Officials Joining Management,
TWU Local 100 Election Campaign Leaflet, November 10, 2015

TWU Local 100 Election Campaign RTW leaflet PDF  – September 21, 2015
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  • TWU Local 100 Elections and the Crisis of Working-Class Leadership
  • Vote for the Candidates of Revolutionary Transit Worker!
  • Joe Campbell’s Slate: No Answers, No Alternative

Jail Time for Racist, Brutal Police! RTW Supplement – March 11, 2015

Justice for Michael Brown, Eric Garner and All Victims of Police Violence!,
a statement by RTW – December 9, 2014

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RTW No. 50 (May 17, 2010), “TWU Leaders – Stop Talking, Start Fighting Layoffs!”

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RTW campaign bulletin (Feb. 13, 2011), “Vote Jason Hicks for Vice-Chair, Track Division”

RTW No. 52 (March 3, 2011) “Public Workers and Services Under Attack: Wisconsin Workers
Start Fightback!”

RTW No. 53 (September 2011)

RTW No. 54 (December 3, 2011)

No Justice for Workers Killed by Crane Collapse, RTW No. 54 – Supplement (May 5, 2012)

RTW No. 56 (September 2012)

NYC: School Bus Workers’ Strike Betrayed, a statement by RTW – February 27, 2013

Justice for Kimani Gray! Stop “Stop & Frisk”!, a statement by RTW – March 19, 2013

RTW No. 57 PDF – June 21, 2013
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RTW No. 58 PDF – October 29, 2013
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RTW No. 59 PDF – September  13, 2014
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