Proletarian Revolution No. 80, Fall 2007

Proletarian Revolution No. 80 features two major articles:

Imperialist Carnage in Iraq Continues assesses the war in Iraq as a debacle for U.S. imperialism and looks at the particular role of the Democrats in supporting the “surge” and the war in general. The article also critiques the major left groupings and coalitions in the U.S. and their failure to present an alternative to the Democrats.

Venezuela: Chávez vs. Working Class looks behind the facade of “socialism” that has been proclaimed by the populist leader Hugo Chávez. Although the Chávez regime must be defended against U.S. imperialism and its local allies in Venezuela, there is a crying need for building a vanguard party of the working class to sweep out Chávez and capitalist rule. The article looks at the union movement and the “Trotskyist” left in detail.

PR No. 80 also includes the following important articles:

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