Proletarian Revolution No. 83, Fall 2010

PR 83 features the following articles:

As European Workers Battle Austerity: World Economic Crisis Resurges

This piece continues our analysis of the world economic crisis, extending it to explain the resurgence of instability that has been sweeping Europe. We examine the dynamics inside the EU and disputes within the bourgeoisie on how to handle the crisis. The article also examines major fightbacks by European workers that have occurred and lessons that can be drawn.

The Opening Salvo: The Working Class Must Rule China!

This article comments on the wave of strikes and labor unrest that recently rocked China. The role of the state-capitalist ruling class is discussed, as well as the ACFTU, the state-sponsored trade union federation. The author opens up a discussion on how the workers’ movement can transcend the limits and divisions at the current juncture.

Race, Class and the Crisis: A Marxist Analysis of the Tea Party Movement

This article looks at the contradictory forces that are involved in the reactionary Tea-Party movement and looks at the roots of the movement’s success under President Obama’s government. The historic role of American racism and patriotism is examined and discussed in terms of its impact on working-class consciousness today.

PR No. 83 also includes the following important articles:

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