The League for the Revolutionary Party (LRP), based in the United States, is dedicated to the restoration of authentic Marxism and the political independence of the working class everywhere. Our guiding slogan is Re-create the Fourth International.

In every country, the class-conscious proletariat must fit itself to be the agency for overthrowing capitalism by building its vanguard party. We reject the idea that the middle-class intelligentsia can lead the masses to socialism.

The LRP upholds the method of permanent revolution. Imperialism whips up bloody racism, national chauvinism and war; it pits workers against each other across the globe. Internationalism and interracialism are critical aspects of revolutionary strategy.

The LRP aims to resurrect the method of Trotsky’s Transitional Program. While supporting all partial struggles of the workers and oppressed, we fight for classwide demands that point to the need for socialist revolution.

The LRP has consistently fought for its program in living struggles. But revolutionary practice is impossible without revolutionary theory. Our book, The Life and Death of Stalinism, analyzes both Stalinist statified capitalism and traditional capitalism and exposes various pseudo-Marxist conceptions.

The mortal crisis of capitalism has resurfaced internationally; the U.S. cannot long avoid a full crisis at home as well. The decisive task today is the building of working-class revolutionary parties in every country to provide the necessary leadership for the mass upheavals ahead.

Workers’ Socialist Revolution is the Only Solution!

Re-create the Fourth International!

This page last updated March 27, 2015.

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Racist Cops & Courts Enforce the Capitalist System
Choking Blacks & Latinos, the Working Class & Youth